1. The net height shall be: 7'-11 5/8" for CO-ED LEAGUES

  2. A team consists of six players.  A team may start with a minimum of three players

    • Legal combinations are: Two women - One man, Two women - Two men, Three women - Two men, Three women - Three men

  3. Your team can rotate extra players into the game.  They will be rotated in at the Ref's stand.  When you rotate players into the game, it must be man for man, or women for women basis.  Late players may enter the rotation as soon as they arrive.  Late players may enter the game during their next rotation.​

  4. Player must be placed in alternating positions on the court. (man, woman, man...)

  5. Overlapping of adjacent players front-to-back or side-to-side is not allowed until the ball is contacted on the serve.  At the instant of the serve, all players must be in the correct serving order.

  6. All basic rules will be enforced: blatant illegal hits such as holding, catching, throwing, lifting and pushing will be penalized with a point or side-out.

  7. Rock, paper, scissors will determine the choice of serve or side.  The winner gets the choice of serve or side for two of the three games.

  8. A player may not serve the ball until the referee blows the whistle.  If you serve before the whistle, you will be given one warning per match.  Further violations will result in a side-out.  You must serve within five seconds after the whistle has been blown.

  9. Legal serves include: over-hand, underhand, side arm moon balls and jump serves.  If the ball hits the net on the serve it is a legal serve.

    • You may set a serve to your fellow teammate but a set over the net on the first hit is illegal.​

    • A player may NOT BLOCK A SERVE!

  10. The ball must cross the plane of the net before you can attack offensively.  Reaching over the plane of the net to attack the ball will result in a side-out or point.

  11. A player may hit the ball twice: during a block, simultaneous contact by opponents, on a hard-driven spike, on a hard driven serve, simultaneous contact by teammates.

  12. In sand volleyball there is no center line; consequently a foot fault only takes place when you physically interfere with the opposing team's play.

  13. In sand volleyball there is no 10 foot line; consequently all back row attacks must be made behind all front row players.

  14. Contacting the net or any part of the net is prohibited while the ball is in play.  Exception: player's hair or unless the force of the ball by the opponent pushes the net or its supports into a player.

  15. A match consists of three games to 21 points.  League champions are by total matches won for the entire season.  Games won and lost will be the tie breaker.

  16. Two one minute time-outs are allowed per game.

  17. Injury time-outs are separate and may be called when necessary.

  18. Only team managers or co-managers can present rule disputes to the referee.  Our referees have the authority to eject players for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  19. We shall try to start all games on time.  However, we allow five minutes grace period before a team forfeits its first game.  A team will forfeit the second and third games of the match if they cannot start within 20 minutes after the scheduled starting time.

  20. Time between matches of a game shall not exceed three minutes.

  21. All rain-outs will be rescheduled.  However, if there are a lot of rain-outs in your league, it may mean rescheduling more than one rain-out match in a given night.  On rain-out nights each location will run a Double Punch Promotion.  Buy a pitcher get two punches on your card.

  22. The wind/sun rule may be invoked by either manager.  The wind/sun rule states that if the elements create an unfair advantage for one side of the court, during the third match the teams will switch sides after 8 points.

  23. You can find all the rules not outlined here in the most recent rule book of the National Federation of the State High School Association.